Serve On restores purpose and resilience to those whose leadership, loyalty and desire to help others might otherwise be wasted.

On one hand...

  • The UK youth unemployment rate in March 2014 was 20%
  • Unemployment generates hopelessness and lowers self-esteem
  • There is a poor work ethic among the unemployed
  • Entry-level employers rate work ethic higher than maths and english.
  • The rise in gangs illustrates that young people need to belong to something.

On the other...

  • 24,000 people leave the armed services every year.
  • The nation needs to see our ex-servicemen as a resource not as either victims or heroes.
  • Many ex-servicemen want to translate their skills into a civilian context allowing them to serve on.
  • Leadership, integrity, loyalty, respect, capability, ‘street cred’ and discipline – these are all resources in ex-servicemen that are currently being wasted.

Together they could provide…

  • Preventative work for weather/climate related events and response to weather/climate related events
  • Post-natural disaster/conflict, where there is a need for physical and psychological reconstruction
  • A proactive resource to the community to do the stuff that needs to be done
  • A team based approach to managing community sentences
  • Opportunities for personal and leadership development
  • A rich source of mentors and role models
  • Inspiration

Where to find us


Salisbury Fire Station

Ashley Road