We have worked with people of all ages in career support and mentoring through Serve On. By offering training, careers advice and role models to aspire to anybody can thrive within the team at Serve On. 



SERVE ON provides a unique approach to mentoring.  SERVE ON’s founder, Simon Edwards, has trained thousands of business and personal mentors in the UK and Middle East, and currently leads a programme working in partnership with Help for Heroes to bring the unique value of mentoring to our wounded, injured and sick veterans. 


Approach to Mentoring 

SERVE ON uses a unique 3-pillar approach to 21st Century mentoring; Inspire, Empower, Guide.  This ensures that mentors do not simply create ‘clones’ of themselves; instead the mentee is supported to develop to their own full potential.  This approach promotes freshness and fosters new thinking and innovation within the organisation.   Since mentoring is ‘first level’ leadership, mentors will receive an outstanding insight into being an effective leader at any level.


Benefits of Mentoring

  • Mentees are supported to realise considerable positive change in themselves – individual growth and career progression.  
  • Mentors develop invaluable ‘soft’ skills (listening and reflecting) which ensures that the mentees grow and the mentors themselves unlock their true potential – supports an open and collegiate team environment at all levels of the business
  • Mentors gain from ‘giving back’ to their organisation; this increases motivation and organisational ‘togetherness’ – supports the values of the organisation and consequent staff retention.
  • Increased motivation within mentors and mentees enables organisational goals to be achieved more readily – a crucial element in supporting career progression, again reducing employee ‘churn’
  • Mentoring facilitates the establishment of a powerful ‘peer-level’ business network – an essential requirement in any large/complex organisation