Corporate Partnerships are crucial to the work of Serve On and can help us in so many different ways as well as generating significant Corporate Social Responsibility benefits. We have some ideas about how we could work together but we’d love to talk to you more about how Serve On could be the best fit for you.


Do you or your company have access to funding or networks of funding that could help us expand across the country? We can only do what we do with the generosity of those around us and we need your help. Even if you organise matched giving from your company or optimizing employee payroll giving makes a huge difference and takes advantage of tax relief benefit.


From projects to events we have a range of ways you can sponsor Serve On. If you would like to fund an upcoming project, kit or a special event we can talk to you about the benefits of partnership with Serve On.


We love to expand our supporter base through all of the activities we do, which means you and your staff could get involved in a huge variety of ways. Running a marathon, undertaking a challenge, attending our ball, networking on our behalf, belonging to our committee – all of these opportunities and more are available at Serve On. Browse our Get Involved pages for further ideas and information.


Do you have space we can use to deliver our training and community groups, or even networking sessions or events in cities? We are constantly looking for new space to use – either to home a new Team or expand our current ones.


Our team have been involved in dangerous situations, joyful moments and emotional scenarios all over the world. Why not have Serve On inspire and motivate your staff and find out more about what we do.


When your employees get behind a cause team building is automatically part of the package. By organizing group fundraising activities such as bake sales, events or even sponsored challenges we can help your employees come together as a team


Your staff can volunteer to help our services hands-on, use their hard earned skills to further our work, help out at our events, shake buckets and raise awareness and so much more.


We are always looking to make new contacts and expand our networks across the country. Through opening your networks to us we can make a bigger difference than ever before.


As a very small team we always have room for staff looking for secondment opportunities. If you or your employees would like to consider this then we certainly have the opportunity for you.


Office equipment is crucial in the running of our charity – do you have any old kit that we can outfit our offices with? Do you know what your company does with your equipment, supplies or furniture when it is replaced? Find out today and get in touch to offer your old equipment to Serve On.


Do you or your staff have skills or knowledge that you think would be valuable to Serve On? We are always looking for advice and skills from professionals who can help guide us in our mission and help us build a lasting legacy.


Click here to see our current corporate sponsors or partners.