Our specialist Dog Team train to the highest levels possible and have assisted with search and rescue Internationally and closer to home.

Currently we have six handlers and five canines who are all part of our specialist team and must complete two to three years of training before assessment as an operational asset.

Our specialist Search Dog Team have deployed internationally to Iran and Turkey and we currently have search dogs under training that are due for assessment to be able to be utilised both within the UK and overseas.  They are an important part of the Serveon Search and Rescue Team as they accelerate the search process by locating casualties or by narrowing the search area after which the Search Team are able to use their specialist technical search equipment to pin point a casualty.    

The dogs have been deployed within the UK to attend a number of structure collapses as well as high risk missing person searches.

The dogs are an important part of our team and accelerate any search process by locating casualties or narrowing down the search area. They are trained to locate live casualties and are currently training to search in and around water.

Our dogs are trained specifically for locating live casualties and we are currently working towards training search dogs for searching in and around water in the UK.   

We work to the standards of the International Rescue Dog Organisation and we train with a variety of organisations, including the British International Rescue Dog, the local police and fire rescue services. 

They are on the register for the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset and Avon Police (Tri Force) as a search asset. They are also a fundamental part of the IRT, since 1998 they have been deployed to three countries for earthquake search and rescue missions. In 1999 to Turkey and Columbia and Iran in 2003, where they were working around the clock scenting out live casualties. They are in incredibly valuable asset to UK communities. 

Are you a current canine Search and Rescue dog handler or do you have a dog and would like to be involved in this type of work? Contact us to get in touch with someone who can discuss this in more detail.