There are so many ways to Fundraise and lots of things you can do to get involved. Supporters who organise Fundraising events on our behalf do a great job of not only raising money for a great cause but also awareness within your network and community. Get in touch today if you have an idea, or you just need some inspiration.
Organising an event to raise money for Serve On couldn’t be easier! With help and assistance from our Fundraisers and volunteers all you have to do is come up with a fun idea! 

Get in touch with our Fundraising Team at to get your free Fundraising How-To Guide.

If you need some help getting started why use our inspirational ideas to help:


Easy, simple and a very effective way to raise money. Hosting a Great British-style Bake Off, a vintage tea party, a competition or a prize for the best cake you’ll have delicious treats to sell and lots of fun doing it.


Got members who can whip up a delicious dinner for 4, prepare perfect picnics, a whiz with a needle and thread or web wizards? Why not gather together a group and auction off your skills. Mix in some fun and crazy ones with some really great offers and you’ll capture the attention of students all over campus.


With lots of pubs and bars nearby why not take on the challenge of organizing a quiz night for the brainiest bunches around. With an entry fee per team or per person you’ll be laughing with your friends all night long. Why not ask the bar if they will donate a prize for the winner, or donate £1 a pint sold at the event?


Who doesn't love a fair? Why not find some space around campus where you can hold a one-off carnival! With coconut shys, test of strength and much more invite staff, students and the community. Charge admission or a small fee to play games.


Put up some posters the week before and set up a car wash in a cark park. People will come by to pay to have their cars washed! Particularly popular in the summer this simple fundraising idea can be a great way to raise money.


If you would like to hold a collection either on Campus or in a nearby City get in touch and let us know! We can help you obtain the right permits for collecting and provide you with the materials you need to get going.


Get sponsorship for swimming, play football for hours or host a tournament. All you have to do is find a fantastic prize as an incentive for the winning team and have people pay to enter your Serve On charity tournament!


Why not use the creative talents of your community to fundraise? Develop some fun products for people to buy and sell your work at a craft fair.


This is a super simple way to raise lots of money. Create your own cinema and hold a film night for family and friends. Sell popcorn, drinks and charge an entry fee. You could even theme the night around your film.