Serve On has mobilised an International Response Team in the UK ready to deploy to the Caribbean as Hurricane Irma causes devastation in the region. 

We have notified the On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) of our assessment and light USAR capabilities and we are in the process of sourcing flights to the region for a joint mission with Team Rubicon


 The effects of Hurricane Irma on Guadeloupe. Photo: The Guardian

The effects of Hurricane Irma on Guadeloupe. Photo: The Guardian

 Devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Photo: Daily Express

Devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Photo: Daily Express

Wind speeds of up to 185mph at the core of the Category 5 storm make Irma the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, with the threat that the poorest communities will suffer the most damage to infrastructure and buildings.

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Serve On are recruiting!

Have you ever wanted to be part of one of the most exiting humanitarian teams in the UK? 


The Serve On International Response Team is made up of highly trained experts who are always available to save lives by responding to international disasters.  No matter what your background, you can become one of those highly trained experts and respond to all types of disasters anywhere in the world.

We are holding to open weekends where you can visit, meet the teams, ask questions  and experience what it would be like to join the International Rescue Team. 

Location: ServeOn Training Headquarters, Chilmark, Wiltshire, SP3 5DU



Date: 2 September and 9 September 2017

If you intend to join us on the open day please complete the form so we know when to expect you.  Once you complete the form we'll send you more details about the day.

There is plenty more information below about what it means to train with the International Rescue Team, happy reading and see you soon.

Name *
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Gender *
Which of the two open days will you attend? *
Which of the two selection weekends will you be able to attend? *
If you pass the selection weekend, the first training weekend will be 1/2/3 December. Will you be able to attend? *

What types of things would I be doing during the training?

Over a two-year period and as part of a team of about 15 people you will learn the intricacies of Urban Search and Rescue, both hands on and theory.  Skills will include but not be limited to


Technical Search




Breaking and Breaching


Crises Management


Rescue at Height


Working with power tools


Casualty Care


Water Rescue

Much more

How much time does it take up?

You will be expected to attend training for one full weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) per month for two years. 

How much does it cost?

Serve On is a registered charity and we will not charge our volunteers a single penny; we will however, expect all of our volunteers to join in with fund raising.

Will there be overseas travel?

The Serve On International Response Team has over 20 years experience and 22 international deployments in its history. Deployments to disasters areas have included to India, Pakistan Haiti and Nepal. There will also be many opportunities for overseas training and support.  

What qualifications do I need?

Our members come from a varity of backgrounds from Firefighters to ex-military and from office workers to physiotherapists.  The only qualification we ask is that you are a team player and are prepared to push your boundaries and help those around you to push theirs.   

Do I need to be based locally?

Training will usually take place in Chilmark near Salisbury.  Some of our members live locally but many travel regularly from as far as London, Norwich and Leeds.

I've not spent much time outdoors, is that ok?

You'll learn to spend a lot of time outside.

SERVE ON is a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response charity that supports domestic and international communities in times of need.

We train and equip our dedicated members, emergency service and former military service personnel alongside people who benefit from a new purpose in life.

By creating multidisciplinary teams of volunteers, we deliver immediate response when and where required.

In other news

Serve On have set a grand new goal – and you can be part of it

In the last 18 months Serve On has helped communities in the UK, Nepal and Haiti. Serve On deployed to Yorkshire and Cumbria in 2016 to help flood victims and also deployed to Nepal 36 hours after the earthquake struck in 2015. More recently we deployed to Haiti after the hurricane hit to support the relief effort. 
With these and many other achievements, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new development initiative, 5x5 and you can be part of it. We want to grow the Search, Rescue and Community Resilience work we do and positively impact more people than ever before.

The Serve On ‘5x5 Appeal’ aims to attract funding and support of at least £1 million. We aim to build 5 new Community Resilience Teams in the next 5 years and we aim to have the resources (people, money, equipment) necessary for up to five deployments to major disaster events in the UK and internationally each year. We are a small charity but with your help we can have a massive impact. We are mainly staffed by volunteers and our aim is to ensure as much as possible of all contributions go to delivery and not a corporate overhead.

This is your chance to get involved and there are so many ways to do it.  Read more...


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