Training is the core of everything we do at Serve On. Through training our members develop skills that not only help them personally, opening up new job opportunities, adding to CVs, building team work, self-respect and confidence but further our mission to contribute to communities.

Our Community Resilience Team, International Response Team and Dog Search Team all offer a variety of training programmes and are available to all members. This level of formal training allows Serve On to become a deployable asset to Emergency Services and Local Authorities and for our teams to be known for their reliability, professionalism and passion.

Members of Serve On are from all backgrounds and all walks of life, membership is open to everybody. Our members range from ex-army and emergency services personnel, to office workers.  Those who continue to serve, young people looking for skills, development opportunities and experience, professionals but most of all ordinary people who want to belong to something extraordinary. Who want to save lives, change lives and make a difference, becoming a force for good.

If you would like to find out more about training and joining Serve On as a member please contact us.