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Serve On’s International Response Team (IRT) comprises a highly trained team of experts available 24 hours a day to save lives by responding to disasters, anywhere in the world.

With over 20 years experience and 22 international deployments in history.

Deployments to disaster areas have included India in 2001, Pakistan in 2005, Haiti in 2010 and Nepal in 2015

IRT and has over 20 years experience and 22 international deployments in its history. Deployments to disasters areas have included to India, Pakistan Haiti and Nepal. On each occasion teams were deployed from our headquarters within hours of the disaster and were able to start their rescue work immediately on landing. Each team takes enough resources to sustain their time in the country to make sure that they are only a positive asset to the local communities.

Local people who have escaped the disaster are often able to dig out casualties close to the surface. Rescues made by the team are most often from deep within a collapsed building and some have taken over 20 hours to complete requiring the use of specialist technical search equipment and rescue equipment. Successful use of this equipment is due to the huge experience gained by the team in real disaster situations and many hours of simulation training.

Alongside Urban Search and Rescue Serve On’s capabilities include Flood Rescue, Specialist Search Dogs, Command & Control, Relief Team co-ordination, Humanitarian Needs Assessment and the provision of water sanitation systems.

Serve On also provides resilience, disaster risk reduction and search and rescue training in disaster prone countries to UK accredited and International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) standards. We have delivered this training in countries including India, Pakistan, Portugal, Peru, Oman, France, Spain, Turkey and have also provided professional advice relating to disaster management to high profile companies and governments.

The Serve On IRT also works in partnership with universities to develop and deliver education, both in the UK and internationally, adding to the body of knowledge and research into disaster management.

SERVE ON RAPIER charity number 1058653 was formerly known as RAPID UK of the same charity number, since rebranding in 2013 the team, assets and charity continue in humanitarian directions but are not associated with its former name or individuals re-establishing under this or similar titles.
SERVE On is not affiliated with the newly created charity Rapid International, John Holland or any persons claiming to be Rapid UK