Serve On IRT continue to monitor the situation in the Balkans.

Serve On International Response Team (IRT) have been stood-down from standby but will continue to monitor the situation in the Balkans. The team are now packing away kit and making ready for the next deployment, but are still available if required to assist in the flood hit region.

We are pleased that closer teams from Europe were better placed to support through the European disaster co-ordination mechanism and offer aid. We continue to be in contact with EURO SAR teams and are ready to support them if needed.

Following this experience the team are now able to respond quicker into Europe as this potential deployment was outside of our previous international disaster response experience.

We were pleased see the level of Serbia’s community response to disaster management and hope to learn from their experience as we build our own Community Response Teams (CRTs) throughout the UK.

We send our thoughts and best wishes to the government and communities affected by these floods as they recover and re-build.

The Serve On team are all volunteers who give their time and skills to respond to such disasters. They would like to thank their families and employers who continually support them.

Serve On IRT remains ready to respond anywhere in world to help anyone affected by disasters.

(Pictured: UN Co-ordination Database being updated to show we have stood down)