2015 in review: dog team updates

2015 was a packed year not only for the International Response Team and Community Resilience Teams but for our Canine Team too!

The year began with a meeting with the National Search and Rescue Dog association, a positive move forward for the prospect of the team working nationally. Later on in the year we were invited to attend the inspiring National Search and Rescue Dog Association Conference. At the moment the team are looking into schedules for assessment but this is due to be finalised within weeks.

The Dog Team attended six shows and fairs this year - demonstrating their skills at Frampton Country Show and Paws on Patrol, all fantastic opportunities to spread the word about Serve On!

The most exciting news from the team in 2015 is that we now have a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the local police force in Gloucestershire, which allows the Serve On Dog Team to be used in searches for high risk missing persons. This has already set us up for success in 2016 and on Saturday 9th January the team undertook their first deployment of the year to look for a missing person.

Currently the Dog Team train every Sunday morning and will be adding an additional weekday evening training as more members come in board this year. If you are interested in joining the Dog Team get in touch today to register your interest!

Laura HoldenComment