2015 In Review: Technical Capabilities

Whilst in the field during our deployments some of what we do is providing manpower, but that's not all we do. Our teams are expertly trained and provide amazing specialist skills much needed to support local authorities, agencies and communities.


During the Cumbria deployment the expertise in our team included National Water Incident Management, Swift Water Rescue, Rescue Boat Operations, Hazmat and Technical Rescue Specialists, members qualified and experienced in the national incident command system of Bronze, Silver and Gold and Joint Emergency Service Interoperability training. In addition our members assets included rope rescue, qualified chain saw operators and emergency planners.

As part of the Tadcaster deployment we fielded capabilities within our team of Swift Water Rescue, Water Incident Management, Strategic and Operational Management, Communications and Health and Safety expertise, Disaster Management and Air Reconnaissance. We are also able to manage convergent volunteers, which was integral to both UK deployments this year, as there were many incredible organisations with amazing volunteers who could provide excellent manpower but needed direction to do this on the ground.

This is why we train, why we hold ourselves to high standards and make sure that any delivery is professional. To make the biggest impact possible we need to be sure that our teams are bringing valuable skills that they have worked hard to achieve and can put into practice to make other people's lives easier during a disaster.

Laura HoldenComment