Launching our new 5x5 Appeal

In the last 18 months Serve On has helped communities in the UK, Nepal and Haiti. Serve On deployed to Yorkshire and Cumbria in 2016 to help flood victims and also deployed to Nepal 36 hours after the earthquake struck in 2015. More recently we deployed to Haiti after the hurricane hit to support the relief effort. 
With these and many other achievements, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new development initiative, 5x5 and you can be part of it. We want to grow the Search, Rescue and Community Resilience work we do and positively impact more people than ever before.
The Serve On ‘5x5 Appeal’ aims to attract funding and support of at least £1 million. We aim to build 5 new Community Resilience Teams in the next 5 years and we aim to have the resources (people, money, equipment) necessary for up to five deployments to major disaster events in the UK and internationally each year. We are a small charity but with your help we can have a massive impact. We are mainly staffed by volunteers and our aim is to ensure as much as possible of all contributions go to delivery and not a corporate overhead. 
This is your chance to get involved and there are so many ways to do it. Our mission and expertise combined with your support & funding will enable us to meet our ‘5x5 Target.

Why have we launched the Serve On ‘5x5 Appeal’?

At Serve On we are recognised for our extensive international experience in developing community resilience and readiness for challenging events such as floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters and for our speedy response to them. We are capitalising on this expertise to provide leadership, training, project management and mentoring on a day to day basis across the UK and internationally. 
The UK Government has a goal to "establish programmes to support and encourage individuals and communities to be better prepared and more more-reliant during times of emergency, allowing the 'blue-light' authorities to focus on the people in greatest need.” That is exactly what we can bring to UK communities. Our successful deployments to Yorkshire and Cumbria in 2015 being examples of exactly what we are now planning to expand. 
Communities are built around people. We see the challenges facing our communities and we harness the talent in our communities - we bring purpose to the potential of people in the community. 
We empower, equip, train, and lead the people living in our communities to help themselves and take responsibility for their communities. We are a diverse charity made up of volunteers who come from all walks of life – the blue light services, ex-military, accountants, farmers, teachers; people of all ages, male and female plus our canine friends from our Dog Teams! Everyone is welcome, and everyone can make a difference by making a contribution.
The Serve On ‘5x5 Appeal’ will build on our Community Resilience Team model, successfully established in Salisbury, helping us grow across the UK, bringing new members into Serve On and giving us the chance to support even more communities.
Help us to secure more resources – people & expertise, funds, equipment, vehicles - to deliver our mission.


  • Can you volunteer? We need more volunteers to join our teams, undertake our training and be ready to work in our community and search & rescue teams
  • Can you second some of your Staff to join us for a fixed period on paid secondments from their usual job (for example your high potential cadre or those transitioning towards retirement) to help drive the charity forward?
  • Could you be a new Trustee, joining our nonexecutive team? You can help support the development of Serve On as we grow (for example those with expertise in commercial activities such as further fund raising, procurement, merchandising, marketing, legal & financial expertise. We need ambassadors who can promote our work and attract new sponsors and partners.
  • Could your Company sponsor a volunteering programme – you give your staff a number of working hours to ‘spend’ supporting our initiatives each year
  • Can you lend us your Interns such as graduates and trainees from your company, who are able to give their time?
  • Can you lend us your experts on a pro bono basis to support our small management team and each new to work with us for example in IT accountancy, training design & delivery, marketing and add your core capabilities to our to our core skills?



  • Can you make a financial donation in support of our humanitarian & community work?
  • Help us finance new leadership positions within the charity (currently we have one full-time and one part-time employee, the rest of the team are all volunteers); we spend every £ we receive very carefully.
  • Could you commit your Company to sponsor a Serve On staff salary for a period of time, or potentially work as a syndicated group of companies to share the cost, to give Serve On a sustainable future just as the Rank Foundation have done. 
  • Could you raise funds on our behalf through your own fundraising efforts or via your company? Make us your charity of the year, run a marathon for us, organize a cake sale!
  • Could you Sponsor an event that we organize and be a ‘banner’ sponsor or financial backer?
  • Could you facilitate an event under your own brand/with your facilities – identify and target your relevant clients and host or co-host an event to help promote Serve On and raise funds just as Arbuthnot Latham are doing on the 22nd March 2017 and the Corporate IT forum are doing in May. 
  • Perhaps you could ‘open your address book’ and personally introduce us to targeted contacts from your network so that we have the opportunity to showcase our work and obtain their support


  • Do you have Office Space across the country as hubs for each of the new community teams – our HQ is in Salisbury but we need spaces in Portsmouth, Bristol, London, Kent, the Midlands and beyond. Do you have a warehouse & office space going spare that we can take up residence in?
  • Can you give us new equipment to help support our training, not just technical equipment like Personal Protection Equipment but concrete blocks to practice breaking and breaching to reach casualties in earthquake scenarios, work gloves to protect our volunteers clearing out houses during a flood or for someone in need, waterproofs, safety boots, tents and sleeping bags. Can you or your company help supply these critical materials?
  • Can we use your equipment and your brand/logo to show our appreciation in return?
  • Do you get rid of the office computers every couple of years? Perhaps you’ve got printers, communications equipment or something else we can use lying around. Get in touch – we can always use office equipment and will need more to equip our newest Community Resilience Teams.
  • Do you have some high tech equipment that can help us?


  • Does your company own vehicles that aren’t in use or are at the end of their normal service life for your company, but still valuable to us?
  • Do you know a company who could donate a 4x4 or kit van that would enable us to reach areas affected by disaster faster? We need new vehicles to equip our teams and make Serve On more effective.
  • Our dog team need a van to enable them to transport the dogs in safety and comfort, with their special equipment, directly to the scene of the search (whether that’s a building collapse or missing person search).
  • Are you able to provide free or reduced rate flights for our teams and their survival and their search equipment cargo? This could make the difference between our International Response Team reaching somebody trapped under a building in time - the difference between life and death.

If you want to know what your donation means to us, let us help put it into context:


£500 could fund a deployment for our Community Resilience Team to support communities in need during natural disasters like we did in the Cumbria and Tadcaster floods.
£10,000 could fund a team of around 8 volunteers responding to one International Disaster as recently happened in the Nepal earthquake
£50,000 could start a sustainable fund for our teams to respond to many International Disasters and ‘underwrite’ our international response capability


£30 could buy a pair of boots for a new volunteer
£35 could buy a camp bed to provide accommodation for our team
£70 could buy a life vest to keep everyone safe in our boats
£80 could fund a set of overalls for a new volunteer
£100 could buy a solar pack to power our laptops during deployments
£200 could buy a GPS unit to keep us on the move during deployments
£300 could buy a dry suit for a volunteer to wear during flood rescue
£500 could fund a new set of kit for a Search and Rescue dog
£500 could buy the medical supplies Serve On needs
£1,000 could buy a generator to keep us self-sufficient when supporting a natural disaster
£1,000 could buy a personal issue kit for a new volunteer
£1,500 could support the care of a search and rescue dog for one year
£1,300 could fund a new set of kit for a Community Resilience volunteer
£1,500 could fund a new set of kit for a volunteer working in floods
£3,000 could buy the set of tents we need for deployment and training
£3,200 could buy a pocket defibrillator, saving lives in extreme situations
£5,000 could fund all of our marketing and materials for one year
£5,000 could keep our minibus running for a whole year
£6,000 could fund a new boat and trailer for Serve On, allowing our teams to access hard to reach areas and potentially save lives during flood deployments
£10,000 could fully equip all of the handlers for our Dog Team safely
£20,000 could buy a new vehicle to support all of our teams
£20,000 could buy all of the Communications Equipment our team needs
£22,000 could fund a member of staff part time for a year
£50,000 could support the salary of a General Manager of Serve On to help drive our plans forward
£150,000 could equip a brand new CRT
£150,000 could equip a brand new IRT
£2 million could help us build a new state of the art headquarters


£15,000 could fund training for the trainers at Serve On. With this money our courses (which are developed and ready) could be accredited and we would offer them publicly, providing a long-term sustainable source of income for Serve On.


£10,000 will allow us to buy facilities that will house Serve On HQ in the immediate future


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