Press Release: B&Q donate equipment again to help volunteers in Serve On flood recovery effort in Tadcaster

For the second time in two weeks B&Q are supporting Serve On and the residents of North Yorkshire by donating over £1,000 of personal protection equipment, to be used during the team’s deployment in Tadcaster. Tools and equipment were also donated in early December which were used during the Cumbria rebuild and recovery effort. This renewed flooding following on so quickly means that the equipment has barely had time to dry before being used in the field in North Yorkshire.
The first team from Serve On made up entirely of volunteers, including veterans who have given up time with friends and family to help communities in Yorkshire arrived in the area on Tuesday. The Community Resilience Team spent yesterday deployed in inland rescue boats to assess several villages outside of Tadcaster that have been cut off completely by flood water.
The Director of Operations, Dan Cooke said: “It’s such a difficult time for the residents of North Yorkshire and we will do everything we can to help. Tadcaster has been badly affected by the flooding and we are working with local authorities and residents. Yesterday we were able to assist with the rapid evacuation of many residents after the historic bridge was damaged by floodwater, and a gas main ruptured. We are so grateful for the support of B&Q – we can only put our skills to use if we have the right tools to do so and both sets of equipment will be incredibly useful to our work going forward.”

Gemma Snell ServeOn Volunteer

Gemma Snell, one of the trained voluntary members deployed to help with the flood effort said: “I feel privileged to be joining the team on this deployment, I've been training for just over a year in readiness to support our local and wider communities. I’m going to miss my wife and daughter, but like my wife said; there are people that need us more right now. We are lucky to have such a diverse team with extensive and wide range of skills and experiences. As a first deployment for me, I can't wait to help where I can and hopefully make a difference.”

Community Resilience Teams are set up to provide relief and assistance in the UK for situations exactly like this one and will provide services to local residents and assistance to local authorities. Currently teams operate from Serve On HQ in Salisbury and Portsmouth. Serve On are working in partnership with Team Rubicon UK and members of voluntary teams from Bedfordshire.