Changing Lives - The Lawson Trust

Serve On is extremely grateful to the Trustees of The Lawson Trust for entering into a unique partnership with us to support our humanitarian international response work abroad.

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With the support of The Lawson Trust, we are able to deploy where there is real need and where Serve On’s dedicated team of expert volunteers can make a tangible difference on the ground.

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This means we can help those most vulnerable when disaster strikes.

Most recently, The Lawson Trust has supported our deployment to the British Virgin Islands following the devastating Hurricane Irma.

With the support of The Lawson Trust, we have been able to deploy three teams of our expertly trained volunteers who have:

•    Provided thousands of litres of safe drinking water
•    Made areas safe including clearing debris
•    Supported the sick and injured to get the medical help they need
•    Set up vital communications

We want to thank all at The Lawson Trust for their extreme generosity in supporting our life saving and changing work. 

Lawson Trust profile:
The Lawson Trust is a charitable trust formed by Raymond Lawson (a successful business man born at the turn of the 20th century) and his wife Blanche.
In their later life they formed the Raymond and Blanche Lawson Charitable Trust which went on to become an incredible legacy of the Lawsons. 

Today, The Lawson Trust remains firmly rooted in Kent with friends of the couple and descendants of the Lawsons’ friends guiding the work of the trust. The trust has a wide remit of funding priorities with a particular focus on organisations which work in Kent and Sussex.

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