Finky On Board

Congratulations to Laura Harding who has been officially named as our new Administration Manager.

Sweets all round! Woo hoo!

'Finky' becomes our second member of staff and is a very popular appointment.

As most people will know, she had already been working tirelessly for Serve On as a volunteer.

Great news! Finky in DA HOUSE!

She will start in her new role from February 1st.

Confirming the appointment, Pete Old said: "I am sure you will want to join me in congratulating Finky on her successful interview and job offer and welcoming her to this key role in the charity.

Congrats Finky. You’re the best!

"I am also sure you will support her in developing our processes and systems on which we can further extend our reach in both IRT and CRT development whilst keeping us within the law and administratively effective."

Anybody got a step-ladder?

Anybody got a step-ladder?

Who better to help Serve On reach the heights it aspires to?

Finky said: "Thank you all for your kind messages. I am so happy you have no idea!"

Martin PhillipsComment