Haiti Hurriance Matthew deployment update

Craig and Jacko are now back in the UK from Haiti and I know everyone will want to join us in congratulating them on a fantastic deployment. Serve On and Team Rubicon UK have yet again partnered up to bring desperately needed aid to communities in Haiti following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. During the early phases Serve On were able to support Team Rubicon with practical assistance such as transport and logistics. For the second phase of the operation two members of the Serve On team, Craig Elsdon and David ‘Jacko’ Jackson joined Team Rubicon on the ground in Haiti to help provide communications and security expertise.

Both Team Rubicon and Serve On believe that partnership is key to the success of any operation. Craig said “Team Rubicon and Serve On complement each other so well with the skills and experience that they deliver for each other. It has been an honour and a privilege to work side by side with Team Rubicon."

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making this deployment happen!

Laura HoldenComment