Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

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Serve On’s International Response Team recruits were in festive mood as they completed their last training session of the year.

It’s been an amazing 12 months and the recruits have come a long way since their first training session this time last December.

There was still more work to do, however, before they could let their hair down at the Christmas party.

Trainers, led by Garry, put the team through some propping and shoring theory and practice, so if Father Christmas has concerns about the safety of any chimneys he’ll be going down this year, he knows who to call.

Thanks, as always, to trainers Tony, Iain and Nick.

A special thank-you, too, to our amazing friends at Sydenhams Builders Merchants in Salisbury and Elliotts Builders Merchants in Fordingbridge for donating the timber for our propping and shoring practice. And thanks to Travis Perkins for donating a batch of new saws.

In a future disaster situation, those propping and shoring skills could be life-savers, so such generosity means am awful lot.