Message from our Trustees for 2016

Our team can make a real difference when we deploy, but we need the help of the public to do it. Without support and donations we can't reach people who desperately need our help quickly enough. Over the years we've handled disasters Internationally and in the UK - we know that the best chance we have of saving lives and making the biggest difference is to react immediately. Fielding a response team quickly gives people hope - whether it's the light shining on your face whilst the rubble trapping you is removed or having a team help you load a skip with precious possessions so water damaged you can't bear to do it yourself - it means so much to have skilled responders able to get it done. All of our teams, Community Resilience Teams, International Response Team and the Dog Search Team are all volunteers and devote their time, energy and passion to helping others.

Help Serve On to be there, help us make a difference and help us to show the world we care. Thank you for your support and get involved any way you can in 2016. Let's make this our best year yet.

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Laura HoldenComment