Press Release - SERVE ON deploy to Nepal

Expert volunteer rescuers from Serve On IRT are packing tonight and deploying first thing tomorrow to assist in the response to the Nepali earthquake.  The team of 8 volunteers, with ‘real life’ occupations ranging from firefighters to engineers have said goodbye to friends and family and are currently at their headquarters in Salisbury, Wiltshire ahead of a flight in the morning.

The team includes experienced rescuers who have previously deployed to Haiti, Indonesia, Peru and Pakistan alongside some newer team members who are deploying for the first time – having survived an arduous two year training programme.

The team are returning to Kathmandu just five months after two of the team members were in the city as part of a disaster risk reduction conference, during which they built strong links with the Nepali rescue teams.

They take with them a range of technical search and rescue equipment along with the crucial basics – water filtration and protective equipment to enable them to be self-sufficient during their mission.

Serve On IRT are a registered charity and rely on donations from the public to support their life saving work. For more information about their work please visit their website at or contact the operations room 24/7 on 01722 439327.

Tracy MiltonComment