Serve On deploy Community Resilience Teams to Flooding in Cumbria

Today a voluntary Community Resilience Team from Serve On has deployed to assist residents in Cumbria with the extreme flooding seen in the area over the past few days. Seventeen members, all trained in flood response, will mobilise for relief and arrive in the area on Friday afternoon to assist with clean up work. The team are also transporting flood rescue equipment with them ready to deploy in the event of renewed flooding.


Pete Old, Trustee of Serve On said:


“Being able to respond to situations such as the flooding in Cumbria is at the heart of why Serve On Community Resilience Teams exist. We train each week so that our community can support itself and other communities in times of need - this is a situation in where a clear need for a national system of coordinated and trained community responders is highlighted. Our members, all highly trained volunteers, are ready to deploy and are able to sustain flood immediate response and clean-up operations for days in environments where the infrastructure, such as electricity, has failed. It is vitally important to provide as much practical help as we can to the area alongside the other voluntary teams deployed to the area this week.”


In a joint operation with Team Rubicon UK the team from Serve On will arrive in the area and undertake immediate assessment, completing any tasks necessary to relieve the local area; clearing debris from roads and waterways, assisting residents in removing furniture and clearing mud from houses for the elderly and vulnerable.


This will be the first official UK deployment for Serve On’s Community Resilience Teams, following a deployment of the established International Response Team to the earthquake in Nepal earlier this year. The Team is formed of volunteers who have been trained in flood response and are able to respond to incidents of flooding, crises or disaster in the UK, in conjunction with local emergency services.