Serve On Hurricane Matthew Update

We have now stood down a 7 person team that were ready to respond to the impact of Hurricane Mathew.  Whilst not a direct search and rescue mission the team prepared some of our key capabilities in water filtration and Satellite communications as well as an experienced team with multiple capabilities and skills.

We monitored the situation on the ground from credible sources such as the United Nations in Haiti and directly from the disaster area and felt that the humanitarian response of organisations such as Oxfam and Save the Children, coupled with government responses from several countries were better placed to provide aid to those impacted during the disaster.

Pete Old, our Director said, ‘’Our team of international disaster and rescue experts were packed and ready to go but one of our concerns is not adding to the burden of governments and large agencies responding to a disaster by providing a capability that is not needed or key to post disaster recovery. SERVE ON is a rescue organisation and, reluctantly on this occasion we stood down to ensure organisations better placed than ours delivered humanitarian aid. This fits with our ethical approach of responding when our expertise and capabilities will directly impact positively on people’s lives rather than respond just because we can’’.

Laura HoldenComment