Trolley Good Work

Danger lurked for the unwary in the murky depths of the river, but in the dark of the night the rescuers went confidently about their work.

Beneath the surface of the icy waters, something needed saving and this was just the team to do it, and safely.

Volunteers from Serve On’s Salisbury Community Resilience Team combined their water rescue training with a community task to dredge rubbish from the River Avon and to help tidy up their beautiful city.

The team deployed their boats, kitted up in personal protective equipment and, venturing into the water near the Nelson Road bridge, they practised their rescue drills.

Retrieving their Ruth Lee Ltd rescue manikin was one thing, but the team had a greater task - clearing debris from the river to help Salisbury City Council and the Environment Agency.

A rescue sled and reach pole were deployed and the rescue was duly completed - with one less supermarket trolley littering and polluting the river.

A job well done.