What is EVOLSAR?

EVOLSAR stands for the European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams. It was officially founded on 10th May 2014, which marked the culmination of years of work between the 5 founder member teams from Malta, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus. Other selected teams from around Europe, including Serve On were invited to take part in the inaugural EVOLSAR exercise which took place at the same time as the founding of the organization.

Two members of the Serve On IRT travelled to Italy to take part in the first exercise and witness the EVOLSAR foundation ceremony. They were very impressed that despite some language barriers the teams were able to work together to provide a common response to the exercise scenarios. Immediately on their return, Serve On started the process of applying to become a member of the organization.

Since then Serve On has maintained close ties with all the member teams taking part in and offering joint training opportunities and exercises, eventually becoming the 6th full member team of EVOLSAR in November 2015.

The aim of the EVOLSAR association is to have a group of European rescue teams that all train to similar standards and can provide a joint response if necessary anywhere in the EU or adjoining areas. The experience Serve On has with several international deployments in response to earthquakes has proved very valuable in helping to shape the way EVOLSAR trains during joint training exercises.

In the two years since its foundation EVOLSAR has continued to grow steadily and has recently inducted the 7th full member team, the OPVE from Budapest in Hungary, with other teams from Serbia, Spain, Italy, Greece and UK all wishing to join.

To find out more about EVOLSAR and Serve On's involvement get in touch today or visit the EVOLSAR webpage.



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