Declared capabilities
Additional capabilities
Training standards
Demonstrate we understand Civil Contingencies Act, relevant legislation etc

On the flip side, our website also needs to attract new volunteers.  With this in mind, the table below details a new suggested layout and content for our website for consideration:

Home Page
"SERVE ON is a non profit humanitarian response organisation that saves lives"
Who we are - charitable org, group of xx number of volunteers who provide help to our local and international communities in times of crisis.
Volunteers include many ex category one responders from the fire, police, ambulance service and RNLI, ex military personal, mechanics, IT specialists, outdoor specialists etc
3 main teams - CRT, IRT, dogs
Where we're based

Tab 1
Capabilities - B Teams, VAC, comes, vehicles, rapid deployment of search teams (ISAR?), first aid training to xx level etc, etc
Assets declared on National Asset register - 2 x B Teams
Training and accreditation i.e. DEFRA standards etc
MO - i.e. CRT will typically receive tasking from cat one responders (we need to demonstrate that we understand they retain control and we fall under their strategic command)

Tab 2
More info on IRT
Selection and training
Click through for case studies

Tab 3
More info on CRT
Rescue Rookies
Click through for case studies

Tab 4
More info on dog teams
Click through for case studies

Tab 5
Volunteer information
New skills
Push yourself
Giving something back
Inclusivity pledge
Membership fee

Tab 6
Info on charitable status, our accounts etc

Tab 7
Our leadership

Tab 8
News - think we need to be really selective about photos used - yes we have fun but this is the face of our organisation - photos need to be punchy!

Tab 9
Members page
Membership fees
Log in
Clothes and kit store
More light hearted photos of social events etc

Tab 10
Contact us