Serve On is developing a national network of formally trained volunteer Community Resilience Teams to support the Emergency Services and Local Authorities in their response to emergencies and major incidents.

These Community Resilience Teams engage, recruit and empower people from all walks of life, young people, long term-unemployed, ex-military and emergency services personnel but above all members of the public who want to help other people. By doing this we aim to transform the lives and skills of the people involved, but also the communities around them.


As the training, which brings people together, is provided by experienced team leaders this means that volunteer members can respond to a range of emergencies such as flooding, power cuts, missing person searches, supporting vulnerable people and many other incidents.


These teams are coordinated and run by qualified trainers and anybody can join, no matter their experience level. You just have to want to be part of something big. Check out the get involved section for more information on Membership.

CRTs work with statutory responders to identify where and what types of emergency support is required in each local area and then develops capabilities to fill these gaps. 
SERVE ON is able to advise communities on resilience planning, such as creating severe weather response plans, and then deliver the implementation and training needed for this.

Serve On IRT supporting the flood relief in Tadcaster 2015

Serve On IRT supporting the flood relief in Tadcaster 2015

While membership is open to everyone, we specifically target our recruitment at veterans from the Armed Forces and Emergency Services with their proven commitment and leadership skills. CRTs will engage, recruit and empower marginalised young people and the long-term unemployed, whose lives we aim to transform through sustained, team-based volunteering.

We have two established CRT networks one in Wiltshire and one in Portsmouth. If you live in or near Wiltshire or Portsmouth please click here  to register your interest in joining. If you live elsewhere, please click here to register your interest. This page will be updated as new CRTs are formed.