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SERVE ON is a non profit humanitarian response organisation that saves lives

Our vision is to...


We do this...

In the UK

Through Community Resilience Teams (CRTs) we are building a national network of Local Resilience Forums. Trained in a range of skills such as flood rescue, fire safety and advanced first aid, these committed teams help prepare for and respond to UK emergencies.


Through our International Response Team (IRT). Highly trained in Urban Search & Rescue and with 20 years experience of disaster response, the team has saved countless lives through rescue and prevented loss of life by training foreign response teams.


Through our 'Pathfinder' programme: a transformational programme underpinned by mentoring, delivered in partnership with Help for Heroes, supporting the difficult journey of wounded veterans into civilian life, helping them to discover new purpose.

How you can get involved with Serve On

There are many ways in which you can help Serve On, from volunteering to join your local Community Resilience Team (CRT), organising a fundraising event, giving your time and skills, taking part in an event in support of SERVE ON, and many others. Please use the following form to tell us how you would like to help, and we will be in touch to help you to help us.